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Monday, 1-2 pm


Africa 10

Part 1: Fundamentals of Parli Pro – Are You Ready for the "Lombardi County" Board Meeting?
Join us to discuss basics and pointers on parliamentary procedure. This session is a great introduction to get ready for the Part 2 session at 2:15 p.m., where we put the fundamentals to work in a simulated meeting.


Andy Phillips, Attorney, Attolles Law, s.c. (moderator)
James Braughler, County Supervisor, Jefferson County


Africa 20

WisDOT Update

Get a programmatic update from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The session will discuss progress made by counties within the WisDOT 2023-25 biennial budget and future transportation initiatives.


Joel Nilsestuen, Assistant Deputy Secretary, WI Department of Transportation

Moderator: Jeff French, County Administrator, Barron County


Africa 30

Alternative Courts: A County's Perspective of How They Can Be Useful

In 2009, Brown County created its first treatment court for repeat drug offenders. In the years since, the county has worked to build an entire criminal justice services department featuring seven alternative courts for offenders utilizing incentives, treatment and rehabilitation to avoid the costly public safety system that heavily impacts families, the workforce and recidivism rates. Learn more about this case study in modern criminal justice.


Troy Streckenbach, County Executive, Brown County
Mark Vanden Hoogan, Criminal Justice Services Manager, Brown County

Moderator: Penny Carter, Clerk of Circuit Court, Forest County


Africa 50

Secure Act 2.0  What Comes Next?

This session will provide an update on the implementation of Secure Act 2.0 and review its key provisions. Enacted in December 2022, Secure Act 2.0 is comprehensive legislation that includes over 90 provisions impacting retirement plans and individual retirement arrangements (IRAs). This session focuses on expanding coverage, increasing retirement savings and easing administrative burdens.


Keith Mancini, AVP Government Affairs, WI Deferred Compensation Program

Emily Lockwood, Managing State Director, WI Deferred Compensation Program

Moderator: Jim Brey, County Supervisor, Manitowoc County


Africa 60

WI DNR Update

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary Adam Payne will provide attendees with an update on the latest initiatives and goals at the DNR. He will also offer key insight into how the department interacts with counties and the benefits counties can expect from his leadership at the agency in light of his background as a county administrator.


Adam N. Payne, Secretary, WI Department of Natural Resources

Moderator: Jeff Schleif, County Board Chair, Washington County



Monday, 2:15-3:15 pm


Africa 10

Part 2: Under the Bright Lights  The "Lombardi County" Board Meeting

You have the fundamentals down, but how do they really work? This session will simulate a county board meeting where knowledge of parliamentary procedure will be critical. But be wary of your fellow "Lombardi County" board members - they may be trying to create problems...


Andy Phillips, Attorney, Attolles Law, s.c. (moderator)
James Braughler, County Supervisor, Jefferson County



Africa 20

County Surveyors and the Important Work They Do for Wisconsin

County surveyors serve to protect landowner rights for thousands of Wisconsin citizens. In this lively session, you will learn how county surveyors interact and resolve conflicts with landowners, land surveyors, attorneys, title professionals, real estate agents and other government officials regarding land ownership concerns.


Bryan Meyer, County Surveyor, La Crosse County

Moderator: Staci Hoffman, Register of Deeds, Jefferson County



Africa 30

Innovative Solutions to Wisconsin's Mental Health Crisis

As mental health needs continue to grow throughout our state, counties have implemented a variety of programs targeted at transforming their systems of care. Racine County will discuss valuing prevention, committing to voluntary programming, and investing in self-administered services to create a sustainable and robust behavioral health system. Waukesha County will share details about their practice of creating intergovernmental partnerships, including their award-winning, embedded mental health professional program. Jefferson County will focus on their partnership with law enforcement as well as their new youth crisis stabilization facility. 


Hope Otto, Human Services Director, Racine County
Elizabeth Aldred, Department of Health and Human Service Director, Waukesha County

Holly Pagel, Behavioral Health Division Manager, Jefferson County

Moderator: Paul Decker, County Board Chair, Waukesha County


Africa 50

What Everyone Should Know About Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving topic that impacts our lives at work and home. Join the conversation and learn what everyone should know about protecting yourself and your organization.

Lance Spranger, Chief Information Officer, Waukesha County

Bill Nash, Cybersecurity Advisor, Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Shuchi Wadhwa, Chief Information Officer, Racine County

Moderator: Louie Okey, County Board Chair, Barron County


Africa 60

Internet for All in Wisconsin  A Federal Update

Counties are actively engaging with the WI Public Service Commission as part of the planning process for the Broadband, Equity, Access and Deployment grant program. Join this session to learn about the federal Internet for All initiative and how significant funding will be directed to Wisconsin over the next few years. Session highlights include an overview of program requirements, key dates and how to effectively engage in this historic opportunity to connect all Wisconsinites to high-speed internet.


Carah Koch, Federal Program Officer, National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Moderator: Cedric Schnitzler, County Board Chair, Monroe County



Monday, 3:30-4:30 pm

Africa 10

Know Your Wisconsin Retirement System

This session will provide an overview of the Wisconsin Retirement System. Topics will include recent law changes that affect the WRS and counties, the demographics of the WRS, how Wisconsin compares to other state retirement systems, and much more.


Matt Stohr, Retirement Director, WI Department of Employee Trust Funds

Moderator: Brent Miller, County Administrator, Sauk County



Africa 20

County Leadership in Workforce Housing

Over the last 30 years, housing costs have increased substantially, making it difficult for young professionals to purchase a first home. Creating community-driven neighborhoods with high-quality homes built on low-cost lots will diversify the housing market. In this session, we will discuss Washington County's Next Generation Housing Initiative and how to fill the housing void in our counties with attainable, quality housing for the next-generation workforce.


Josh Schoemann, County Executive, Washington County, and President, WI County Executives and Administrators Association

Howard Husock, Scholar/Author, American Enterprise Institute

Moderator: Ben Wehmeier, County Administrator, Jefferson County



Africa 30

Guidance for Local Health Officers

Local health officers play a vital role in promoting public health throughout the county and bear a great responsibility in controlling the spread of communicable diseases. Join us for this session as we explore some of the myths surrounding the roles of local health officers and discuss how to promote public health in your county.


Andy Phillips, Attorney, Attolles Law, s.c.
Joan Theurer, WI Public Health Forward Project Director, WI Association of Local Health Departments and Boards

Moderator: Todd Romenesko, County Administrator, Calumet County



Africa 50

Partnering with UW-Madison’s UniverCity  County Success Stories and How to Engage

Counties need thoughtful partners to rethink traditional ways of doing business. Learn about how the UW's UniverCity Year program has worked with counties across the state to improve a variety of issues, including affordable housing, sustainability, child care, consolidation of services and the recruitment of EMS workers. The discussion will highlight a partnership with Polk County on economic development rebranding.


Claire Johnson, Communications & Public Information Specialist, Polk County

Gavin Luter, Managing Director, UniverCity Alliance, UW-Madison

Moderator: Alice Connors, County Board Chair, Calumet County



Africa 60

Maximize the Value of Your IT

Technology has become essential to nearly every facet of government operations. Join us for a discussion on the crucial elements of technology in every organization, technologies that elevate the organization, and how to maximize your investment.


Barry West, Information Technology Director, Waushara County, and Chair, Governmental Information Processing Association of Wisconsin

Kevin Koenig, Information Technology Solutions Manager, Waukesha County

Moderator: Melissa Pingel, County Administrator, Waushara County



Tuesday, 8:00-9:00 am


Africa 10

Whose Job Is It? Top 10 Misconceptions About Board and Administration Roles

County government runs smoothest when there is widespread understanding of the respective roles of the board and administration. Join us for this session where we explore common misconceptions surrounding roles and responsibilities and give you the information necessary to promote good governance and administration in your county.


Andy Phillips, Attorney, Attolles Law, s.c.

Moderator: Lance Pliml, County Board Chair, Wood County



Africa 20

Wisconsin's Transition to Electric Vehicles and What It Means for Drivers

The market share of plug-in electric vehicles in the United States increased from 0.2 percent in 2011 to 7 percent in 2022. What is driving this growth and how will a transition to electric vehicles impact Wisconsin drivers, transportation infrastructure funding and other factors? This session will also provide an overview of what we don't yet know and how other states are managing the transition to electric vehicles.


Debby Jackson, Executive Director, Transportation Development Association

Moderator: Monica Kruse, County Board Chair, La Crosse County


Africa 30

Access to Child Care in Wisconsin

Join the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association and Raising Wisconsin in unpacking how working parents and businesses are negatively impacted due to the child care crisis at an annual rate of $1.9 billion in lost economic productivity, earnings and revenue. Learn about the child care landscape in Wisconsin, why it's a broken business model, and what you can do to be a part of the solution.


Jackie Anderson, Director of Raising Wisconsin, WI Early Childhood Association

Ruth Schmidt, Executive Director, WI Early Childhood Association

Moderator: Hope Otto, Human Services Director, Racine County



Africa 50

Addressing Occupational Trauma with Resiliency Training

The Center for Suicide Awareness, supported by the Medical College of Wisconsin, conducts a program focused on resiliency skills to help first responders better handle stress and trauma from the ever-increasing volume of critical calls. These resiliency skills improve work performance and personal life balance, allowing our public servants to thrive in their profession. This session will summarize the three-day, no-cost seminar.


Matthew Joski, Sheriff, Kewaunee County

Moderator: Kurt Gibbs, County Board Chair, Marathon County



Africa 60

Debt Issuance Considerations and Strategies

This presentation will provide a general review of the key issues that Wisconsin counties face when financing capital projects through the issuance of debt. We will review statutory requirements, potential sources of financing, market participants, methods of sale options, credit pledges available to counties, and key rating agency considerations. There will be a discussion on how current market conditions are affecting the financing strategies of larger projects as well as market-based strategies for allowing for local bank participation.


Brian Della, Public Finance Director, PMA Securities, LLC

Moderator: Dave Frohling, County Board Chair, Dodge County




Tuesday, 9:15-10:15 am


Africa 10

Renewable Energy: Local Regulation and Financial Implications

Wisconsin's counties are receiving an increased number of requests for large-scale renewable energy projects, including solar energy systems. This presentation will address key issues such as the extent of a county's regulatory authority over renewable energy projects, preemption, financial impacts and assurances, and other considerations for counties confronting issues raised by these projects.


Jacob J. Curtis, Attorney, Attolles Law, s.c.

Rebecca J. Roeker, Attorney, Attolles Law, s.c.

Moderator: Donna Rozar, County Supervisor, Wood County



Africa 20

How to Manage PFAS

PFAS have the potential to be one of the greatest threats to our drinking water. The science is complex and the legal landscape is rugged. Learn about the legal paths available to counties and what community leaders can do when this chemical is discovered in their water.


Erin Dickinson, Attorney, Crueger Dickinson, LLC
Jim Zellmer, Division Administrator, WI Department of Natural Resources

Moderator: Samantha Kerkman, County Executive, Kenosha County



Africa 30

Creating a Culture of Belonging in Local Government

A culture of belonging is where every employee, regardless of their background, feels respected, welcomed and valued. This program spotlights best practices for developing a culture of belonging at work while sharing lessons learned along the way.


Paula Phillips, Office of Equity Interim Director, Milwaukee County

Marcelia Nicholson, County Board Chair, Milwaukee County

Moderator: Mark Abeles-Allison, County Administrator, Bayfield County



Africa 50

An Update on Next Generation 911: Implementation, GIS and Grant Funds

Next Generation 911 is being rebranded as a Now Generation 911 ecosystem. Panel members will highlight the importance of grant funding to county GIS and public safety answering points. Learn about how sustained state grant funding is necessary to maintain the viability and integrity of the systems' architecture. PSAP leaders will share the trials and triumphs of transitioning from the 1960s technology of delivering Enhanced 911 voice calls to this new state of NG911 providing access to voice, text, incident imagery and telematics.


Danielle Miller, Communications Manager, Douglas County

Bob Frank, Chair, State 9-1-1 Subcommittee

Moderator: Al Haga, County Board Chair, Portage County



Africa 60

You Think Your Corporation Counsel Has a Conflict of Interest? What’s Next?

There are special ethics rules governing lawyers and even more special rules that apply to lawyers representing governmental entities. What is a legal conflict of interest? Who is a government lawyer’s client? Do the same rules apply to in-house lawyers and outside counsel? Join us for this discussion on the unique role of county corporation counsel and how you can help in ensuring your county is getting the legal advice it needs and deserves.


Margaret Daun, Corporation Counsel, Milwaukee County

Andy Phillips, Attorney, Attolles Law, s.c.

Moderator: Jonathan Delagrave, County Executive, Racine County



Tuesday, 10:30-11:30 am


Africa 10

Innovative Strategies on Weight Limits for Roads and Getting Products to Market

Learn about the latest on the partnership between counties and the agriculture community. This session will highlight the joint initiatives of the WI Farm Bureau Federation and the WCA that keep commerce moving and rural infrastructure in good condition.


Tim Fiocchi, Senior Director of Government Affairs, WI Farm Bureau Federation

Moderator: Tina Osterberg, County Administrator, Monroe County



Africa 20

Nontraditional Partners Working for Clean Water and Resilient Farms

Since 2019, agricultural and conservation groups have been partnering on the “Clean Water Initiative” to articulate a vision for agriculture and water quality in Wisconsin. While the job is not yet done, small victories have been achieved. Hear about lessons learned, and what the group is prioritizing in 2023 and going forward.


Shawn Pfaff, President, Pfaff Public Affairs
Sara Walling, Water & Agriculture Program Director, Clean Wisconsin
Alex Madorsky, Associate Director of Government Relations, The Nature Conservancy

Chad Zuleger, Director of Government Affairs, Dairy Business Association
Matt Krueger, Executive Director, WI Land+Water

Moderator: James Braughler, County Supervisor, Jefferson County



Africa 30

Fentanyl/Opioid Crisis Response from Brown and Waukesha Counties

Brown and Waukesha counties have developed multileveled approaches to combat the fentanyl and opioid crisis in our communities. In partnership with public health, Brown County is collaborating with public and private partners to raise awareness about the dangers of these drugs. Waukesha County has developed its own data dashboard to provide local information to the public. Learn about each county’s individualized approach.


Troy Streckenbach, County Executive, Brown County

Anna Nick, Public Health Officer, Brown County
Elizabeth Aldred, Director of Health and Human Services, Waukesha County

Moderator: Jon Doemel, County Executive, Winnebago County



Africa 50

What is Needed for a Successful County Fair

Presenters will share their ingredients in running a successful fair. Whether your fair is county- owned or an independent fair association, you can benefit from the resources of the WI Association of Fairs.


Amy Olson, Fairgrounds & Operations Director, Grant County Fair

Jayme Buttke, Executive Director, WI Association of Fairs
Mary Check, Fair Manager, Rock County 4-H Fair, and President, WI Association of Fairs

Moderator: Lisa Freiberg, County Clerk, Fond du Lac County



Africa 60

Get to Know Your CVSO  Every County Has One

In 2022, the federal Veterans Administration invested a significant amount of money in Wisconsin. County and tribal veterans service officers can help your county apply these funds appropriately. Attend this session to increase your knowledge of your local CVSO, who they are, their role, and how they can help veterans and our counties.

Rock Larson, Past President, County Veteran Service Officer Association of Wisconsin

Greg Quinn, 2nd Vice President, County Veteran Service Officer Association of Wisconsin

Moderator: Kurt Gibbs, County Board Chair, Marathon County

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